between midnight and early morning

monday, feb 3
50 Mason Social House

50 Mason b/w Turk + Eddy

Jason File
Leigh Lucas
Tomas Moniz
Tara Rose
Julia Jackson
Kristina Ten

art by Steven J. Seidenberg
Jeff Von Ward
Sarah Carpenter
Penina Eilberg-Schwartz
Siamak Vossoughi
Sarah Bethe Nelson
Peter Bullen
Rachel Bublitz

sparkle + blink cover art by Steven J. Seidenberg

first 100 people get a copy with admission
$7-10 no one turned away for lack of funds

Quiet Lightning 54 // sparkle + blink 49
curated by Josey Lee and Spencer Kaidi

Dinner $3-5 (menu soon)
Doors at 6, readings at 7:30

ql logo

✮  Submit to our next show on Friday, March 7th, a collaboration with the San Francisco Center for the Book to celebrate the publication of our 50th issue of s+b!

✮  Join us on Monday, April 7th to celebrate the launch of Quiet Lightning Booksif you want to be one of them playing in the streets… by Zack Haber and Breast Milk by Tupelo Hassman. Zack + Tupelo are curating a special night, and Tiny Splendor is turning their texts into books for us. It’s going to be wild… location TBA soon.

✮  On Monday, May 5th we launch Quiet Lightning Films. More info when we announce our selection on Feb 1.

ql logo

  • We received 73 submissions for this show and accepted 13 (18%)
  • 8/13 have read at QL before ( 62%)
    • Jason File (1x)
    • Leigh Lucas (2x)
    • Tomas Moniz (2x)
    • Julia Jackson (6x)
    • Kristina Ten (1x)
    • Sarah Carpenter (1x)
    • Siamak Vossoughi (11x)
    • Peter Bullen (3x)


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