“There is something sublime, an essence rare

to be found by those who won’t stop at reaching for the coin of the realm. There is a royal palace that we can travel to, and as the alchemical scholar Adam McLean has written, all of us are eternally invited to the wedding.”

– Lapo Guzzini, in his intro to vitriol

Join us as we accept the invitation on Sunday, 4/12/15.
Meet at The Emerald Tablet, 80 Fresno St. at 6:30pm and we will travel together.


Alejandro MurguiaAlejandro Murguia
Ingrid Rojas Contreras
Jason Morris
Clara Hsu w/David Wong

music Garrett Pierce

Garrett Pierce
Second Cousins (San Diego)

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Submit to the 5/4 show at Chez Poulet thru the end of Fri Apr 17

curated by Lapo Guzzini + Nora Toomey!

Contribute to the next QL Film, Water Under the Bridge

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videos and full text from our last show, with photos by Gianna Badiali

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sPARKLE & bLINK 64 by Quiet Lightning

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seven weddings


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i. / august.17.14

 Monica Mody » Raul Ruiz » Luz Elena Mendoza »
Terry Taplin » Liza St. James » Edna Vazquez

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ii. / october.19.14

Casey Childers » Alexandra Naughton » Vince Dewald »
Bucky Sinister » Derrick Brown » Randall Sena

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iii.  / december.14.14

Melissa Stein » Jason R Jimenez » Shenandoah Davis
Maw Shein Win » Benjamin Wachs » Sean Nelson

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iv. / february.15.15 

Sarah Griffin » Nora Toomey » Taylor Jacobs  »
Juliana Delgado Lopera » Bill Hughes »
Alphadog (Kristina Dutton and Teddy Rankin-Parker)

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v. / april.12.15

Clara Hsu w/David Wong » Alejandro Murguia » Garrett Pierce »
Jason Morris » Ingrid Rojas Contreras » Second Cousins

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vi. / june.14.15

Jayinee Basu » Jesús Castillo » Billy Banks
Mauro Javier Cardenas » Raina J. León » Ari Lindo

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vii. / october.12.15

Maggie Tokuda-Hall » Mimi Lok » Maya Dorn
Matthew Siegel » Tongo Eisen-Martin » Rushad Eggleston