Quiet Lightning is always excited to welcome new interns. We have an ever-growing list of projects, (from our monthly literary mixtapes and their corresponding literary journal to our chapbook series, our film and visual art committees…) so there’s never any shortage of work to be done.

Interns get hands on experience working directly with QL’s executive director Evan Karp, and serve in a variety of capacities that include everything from helping out at the shows to co-curating them; developing a wide range of outreach efforts; spearheading new ideas, and so on.

If you’re interested in getting involved, we would love to talk; the goal is to find the sweet spot where your skills and interests intersect with our goals.

We’ve had about a dozen devoted interns in the past, and they’ve all had excellent experiences. In fact, several have stayed on with us and continue to be a part of our operations even after finishing school.

An internship with Quiet Lightning will do more for you than fulfill your requirements; it offers the rare opportunity to be immersed and have a say in a rapidly developing literary organization that subverts traditional paradigms and changes the way the SF/Bay Area thinks of reading series, literary journals, and the possibilities of a grassroots nonprofit organization.

Skills and interests that might apply to Quiet Lightning:

  • Writing and reading are pretty paramount, but ‘feats of expression’ is a phrase we love
  • Marketing/PR/social media
  • Outreach
  • Design, layout
  • Grant writing, fundraising

But there is no required skill level; we’re happy to work with you if you want to learn and if you are generally excited about literature.

To apply, please send us a brief letter of interest, and be sure to include your name, where you go to school, and what the terms of the internship might be (duration, range of dates – that kind of thing).

You can direct all correspondence to Evan Karp at

Thanks! Hope to hear from you soon.

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