Sunny. 74°. 0% chance of rain. The forecast continues …

“… with an abundnace of free food and wine, music and poetry, bubbles, balloons and breezes. Blankets and pillows!”

Dolores Park. 3pm. Look for balloons.

Bring food, bring instruments, bring $ because the new sPARKLE & bLINK is too beautiful not to buy ($10) and it costs $3 to get in to Mina Dresden (7pm).

We have a heap of new readers this month and we won’t exaggerate but this show will astonish even the devoted zealots among us. No joke. Tomorrow, we will casually perform a communal feat of expression. Will it be more fun or impressive?

This Labor Day, try equal parts fun and impressive. Now that’s a cocktail!

Now, to make some fresh honey whole wheat loaves with currants and/or dried apple rings, some habanero hummus and surprise hummus and mint chutney for sandwiches. We can’t wait to see you and picnic and play. Tomorrow!

PS. If you can’t make it to the park, come to the show (and vice versa).

PPS. Mina Dres is 312 Valencia St near 14th.

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