Last year at Litquake there wasn’t any lightning. Oh, sad #10. Not this year!

We are in phase 1 of the (Sat Oct 9) Lit Crawl, from 6-7pm @ Gestalt [ 3159 16th b/w Valencia + Guerrero ]. Here’s what will happen ::

want a better look? check out the readers in our sPARKLE & bLINK storefront. isn’t faust‘s foto beautiful? You should see what’s inside! wait … that’s what’s going to happen on oct 9!

also, we are slacking on s’napse. why? we’ve just partnered with scribd.com and are loading our back issues. now you can scan through our very first issue (from the Mar 1 show @ Elbo) right here. much more to come soon.

OK! Make sure you’re @ Gestalt before 6—we’re actually going to start on time this time (yeah right this time no seriously) so we can do our thing justice and then be off! To phase 2.

ps. did you see what happened last time??

Are you ready?


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