QLabor Day

Heres your Labor Day lineup, word fans:

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Join us @ 3 for a picnic in Dolores Park. We will be the ones with the elephant just kidding. We’ll be the large attractive group. Maybe we’ll have balloons.

We’re bringing books and musical instruments and food (for about 2 doz) and a case of wine. Please bring some food to share—otherwise it will just be a pot picnic. No luck? You got it…

We’re also bringing blankets and pillows, because at 7pm we will walk over to Mina Dresden Gallery, where the stellar lineup above will wow us all into making large donations to Quiet Lightning. That was a faulty sentence! There are no chairs. Do you understand? Pillows!

Maybe we’ll all go over to Zeitgeist again after the readings like last time. That was fun.

» sPARKLE & bLINK got a makeover this month. New size. Can’t wait to see it! Can you? Artwork by our new friend Cat Soldier.

Everyone can learn about magic and serendipity. Come along!

Mina Dresden

312 valencia near 14th

7-9 | Mon sept 6 | $3

art + fun

putting the holi in yr day

every month

tell yr friends

the park is free

and the times are priceless


evan + rajshree

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