when we spaced in, not out

a big strange (attractive) family of lit freaks

so many good writers there

who were not reading

we wondered

how were there so many readers?

we’ve already thanked you + told you what we’re up to

but thanks again for coming and staying and being so attentive.

we know you want to

««« watch the videos »»»

and you should!

« »

below are some photos by our new friend Timothy Faust!

Neighborhood Heroes was fantastic. But QL7 convinced me there is something happening right now in San Francisco.” —MJDC

Next up: Mon, Aug 2Rickshaw Stop.

Big Room. Big Sound.

What do you think will happen?

submissions due by fri jul 16

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Check out the beautiful

sPARKLE & bLINK: Issue 5

it’s a script; it’s a memento

for a limited time

download the whole thing for free

with artwork by Samir Chauhan

and design by Dawn Andres

Send in your writings and doodles and great ideas!!!

You have nothing to lose.

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