the morning after

thank you for your souls, kind colorful ones, for your words and your musix. can we do it again? when can we see you again?

we are heading off to marin for Why There Are Words tonite and then to Literary Death Match on Friday, to the SF Slam on Sunday and the Pablo Neruda birthday celebration. we have just left the so obscene is gasoline station, but we revolutionaries don’t use petroleum.

stay tuned for pictures, videos, and some other thoughts. life continues after the lightning. enjoy the buzz. return to the month with a vigor and stride …

as announced, the next show will be back to first monday, aug 2 at richskaw stop. how can 8 ever compare to 7? we said the same thing about 7 and 6. we’ve been saying the same thing for a while now, and you always surprise us!

send your submissions into by friday, jul 17. until then,


evan + rajshree

ps. thank you to everyone who came out, came back, stayed late and true. we + you = WE

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