when we spaced in, not out

a big strange (attractive) family of lit freaks

so many good writers there

who were not reading

we wondered

how were there so many readers?

we’ve already thanked you + told you what we’re up to

but thanks again for coming and staying and being so attentive.

we know you want to

««« watch the videos »»»

and you should!

« »

below are some photos by our new friend Timothy Faust!

Neighborhood Heroes was fantastic. But QL7 convinced me there is something happening right now in San Francisco.” —MJDC

Next up: Mon, Aug 2Rickshaw Stop.

Big Room. Big Sound.

What do you think will happen?

submissions due by fri jul 16

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Check out the beautiful

sPARKLE & bLINK: Issue 5

it’s a script; it’s a memento

for a limited time

download the whole thing for free

with artwork by Samir Chauhan

and design by Dawn Andres

Send in your writings and doodles and great ideas!!!

You have nothing to lose.

the morning after

thank you for your souls, kind colorful ones, for your words and your musix. can we do it again? when can we see you again?

we are heading off to marin for Why There Are Words tonite and then to Literary Death Match on Friday, to the SF Slam on Sunday and the Pablo Neruda birthday celebration. we have just left the so obscene is gasoline station, but we revolutionaries don’t use petroleum.

stay tuned for pictures, videos, and some other thoughts. life continues after the lightning. enjoy the buzz. return to the month with a vigor and stride …

as announced, the next show will be back to first monday, aug 2 at richskaw stop. how can 8 ever compare to 7? we said the same thing about 7 and 6. we’ve been saying the same thing for a while now, and you always surprise us!

send your submissions into lightning@evankarp.com by friday, jul 17. until then,


evan + rajshree

ps. thank you to everyone who came out, came back, stayed late and true. we + you = WE

ql7s @ space gallery

on wed 7 / 7
at 7 pm
for show # 7
we’re headed into the tenderloin

space gallery

1141 polk st » next to hemlock tavern
feeling lucky
we’ve got until midnite
this is what we’ll tell you meow
Jesus Angel Garcia
Sam Sax
Lauren Becker
William Taylor Jr.
Roger Porter
Tess Patalano
Kelci M. Kelci
Jennifer Capo
alia volz
missy church
charles kruger
mira martin-parker
chris cole
j. brandon loberg
we will have plenty of time
and space
to socialize
a full bar
an encore in tribute
to the 3 who have performed all 7x
nic alea
m.g. martin
paul corman-roberts
who knows?
she and she and he might be there, too
you heard about the last one, right?
it’s not much of a chance

Join us!
word on the streets is
each one gets better
see for yourself
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Call for Submersibles!

Hi everyone!

We are still basking in the success that was Quiet Lightning 6 (otherwise known as Neighborhood Heroes, v.1). But we’re not too busy to be excited about QL7, which is going to take place on Wednesday, July 7 @ Space Gallery. Not only is the SG going to be most excellent for our routine thrills … but the place is ours until midnite! Have any ideas what we should do between 9-12? Send em here.

We would love you to join us. We’re taking submissions through Wednesday, June 16. You get 3-8 minutes of poetry, fiction, personal statement … whatever acrobatic wordplay you favor. Also, have you seen the beautiful magazine we print every month, sPARKLE & bLINK? We would love to see your artwork on the cover. Major thanks to Liz Worthy—she did the artwork for the postcards and both covers of Issue 4. (Also, if we’re lucky, we might be able to convince Dawn Andres, who did design work last time, to repeat the favor. She did such a wonderful job). Same deadline: Wed, Jun 16.

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[«« that’s: lightning@evankarp.com »»]

Oh, the title of this post refers to our very own Ian Tuttle‘s new story on Scribd.com, The Submersibles; it’s gotten over 2,500 views in just 3 days (for a reason). Enjoy it, and be in touch. We’re thinking of you.