en la galería!

Humongous gratitude to Jimmy Siegel and Kelly Edwards for having Quiet Lightning at the William Westerfeld House, and to everyone who spent the night with us we hope you are as happy with the way things went as we are. We should do that again sometime, right?

Let’s meet at Galería de la Raza on Monday, July 2nd. Bring a friend. Say what you have to say, but say it by the end of this Wednesday, June 13th!

Let’s meet at Vessel Gallery on Saturday, July 7th. We’re doing this new thing called Random Play and it’s part of the first Beast Crawl and our first time in the East Bay. That whole day is going to be off the richter.

Then, to the Conservatory of Flowers! Who is letting us get away with all of this?

Thanks to all of our volunteers: Josey Duncan, Christian Lee, Sandra Wassilie, Sarah Maria Griffin, Ceri Bevan, Shelli Owens, and Tom Joyce; to our artist, Dianne Hoffman; to Julie Michelle Sparenberg for putting us in touch with the Westerfeld; and to all of you for being there. Really, what an unforgettable evening.

Do check out our authors and their projects. They’re not just amazing in mansions!

That’s it for now. Talk to you soon. xoxo

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