community wizard + beast crawl: random play free saturday in oakland

Thanks everyone who came out to Galería de la Raza last night; that was some pure Side A/Side B magic, right!? Proud of Chris Cole and Josey Lee for putting together such an emotionally resonant yet experimentally bold show, and really, truly proud that we are able to present a place for such beautiful people to Read More

galería de la raza + beast crawl

We are thrilled to announce the lineup for our July 2nd show at Galería de la Raza: Zack Haber Karen Penley Mariama Lockington Aaron DiFranco Valerie Chavez Zoe Brezsny Matthew Rogers Max Tomlinson Joe Case Maureen Blennerhassett Chris Carosi Brian S. Hart Cybele Zufolo Samantha Rubenstein Casey McAlduff   This show was curated by Chris Cole Read More