footage from du nord | neighborhood heroes, v.3

this past month’s show at café du nord was stellar! click here for videos of all the performances, read and download the full text below, or purchase a copy, with beautiful artwork by Pua Logan, here.

update on nonprofit status

from the office of Debra Bowen, Secretary of the fine State of California: “As a result of budget cuts, the time to process requests has increased significantly.” applications for nonprofit incorporation received by mail on or before Feb 22 11 are currently being processed. we sent our application in on the morning of March 7th, so we should find something out fairly soon. while we await incorporation and tax exemption we’re offering a special, limited time deal: get a year’s admission to quiet lightning – including a copy of Sparkle and Blink sent to your mailbox before each show – for only $100! each book sells for $10 so you save $20 right there AND get in to all the shows for free. if you’re interested and able, send us a line (it would help considerably).

neighborhood heroes: jun 6 @ 111 minna gallery

don’t miss this. here’s what happened the first time. here’s what happened the second. this is the third:

tamim ansary

jack boulware

rob brezsny

meg day

jane ganahl

steven gray

graham gremore

caitlin myer

d.a. powell

william taylor jr.

monday, july 4 (location TBA)

we are accepting all forms of writing and art for our july 4 show. submissions are open through jun 15. please see our guidelines to submit (and please submit!).

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