the be kinder reminder

hi lovelies,

tomorrow night Q uiet L ightning makes its elbo room debut from 7-9, upstairs (@ 647 valencia). there will be love, blood, whispers, antics, dangerous infusions of toxic goodness. in short: electroshock therapy. for only $2, i promise you will not be disappointed. there will be free books (so get there on time). we will have run of the bar. come sign up to respond to alia volz’s “won’t you be my neighbor” and, if you’re chosen from the magical hat, you will get to read at the next Q uiet L ightning AND … you will be published in our brand new magazine, yes, that’s right:


Come check out issue 1 tomorrow night: it’s going to be a revelation!

Check out the list of readers here.

Can’t wait to see you!!!!!!!

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