get yr elbo room! readers announced:

We have another shocking list of readers for strike 3 on March 1 @ Elbo Room:

nicole alea
paul corman-roberts
andrew o. dugas
amy glasenapp
ml heath
kristen kramer
dw lichtenberg
mg martin

mira martin-parker
erin lindsay mccabe
andrew nelson
tess patalano
maw shein win
kevin smokler
william taylor jr.
meghan thornton
ian tuttle
alia volz

We’ll begin @ 7 and go until about 9 or so, so bring $2 to get in and some money for booze (no one will be refused and we will take more as donation if you can spare it). We also have some announcements:

* Everyone subscribed to the mailing list will be entered into a monthly raffle. The winner gets 1 ticket to see the current play @ American Conservatory Theater, in this case Vigil. There is a catch, of course: you have to go with me, Evan! (I am sorry about this. I asked for an extra ticket so I could give two away, but hey; press only gets you so far. The good news is, ACT is amazing. I will draw on the day of this upcoming show, the 1st, and announce the winner @ the end. Then we’ll coordinate the best time for both of us. Exciting, yes?
* We are taking submissions of artwork for the fabulous postcards that accompany each event. They should be scaled to 4×6. Pretty much anything goes except erotica – unless its tasteful. We here @ QL are o so refined. Keep in mind that text will cover at least half of your image. We accept photos too, and proudly give credit where credit is due.
* We are very pleased to announce that the next episode will take place Apr 5 @ Cantina, home of our first episode. It’s cozy and lovely down there, and we want to maintain that feeling.

* We’ve got some surprises lined up for March 1 . . . just sayin’!

love and excitement,

evan and raja

ps. we would enthusiastically like to congratulate our very own meghan thornton, who has just this weekend won the poetry competition @ the San Francisco Writers Conference for “Moonlight Recessional,” which you can see her read below (from the first Quiet Lightning!). Wish her, as we would say back home, ‘Mazel Tov!’

details: Mon Mar 1 | 7-9 |  Elbo Room | 647 Valencia St (bw 17th + 18th) | $2

see you there!

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