an organized whole that is perceived to be more than the sum of its parts [gestalt, take 2]

anyone else still reelin’?

many people have told me this was the best Quiet Lightning so far. what do you think? i have no idea; i’m always smiling behind the camera! i’ve lived with these passages for the last 2 weeks, carrying them around in my bag, reading them on BART, at work, in the wee hours when my life seems empty just because everything’s so still and quiet. LIGHTNING!

what you should do, and what your friends should do, is <<< watch the videos! >>>

announcements >>>

  • S’napse + A.C.T. winner TBA
  • Who else got a copy of sPARKLE & bLINK?! There is only 1 left !!!
  • Submissions for QL5 (!) are due thurs, april 15. that’s only 1 week from today! click here to submit readings and/or artwork: <<< submit >>>
  • QL5 is on May 3 @ Mina Dresden Gallery. We are so excited we refrain even from exclamation.  Mina Dres is @ 312 Valencia near 14th (sort of across from Four Barrel Coffee). There will be no microphone, so keep that in mind when you submit. There will also be no chairs. We’re serious about bringing pillows! blankets! yoga matts! pajamas—just bring it!
  • Our special June show commemorating the 6th epidose [sic] is 99% confirmed. Just know this: submissions are not open for June. And also this: it’s gonna be on a Friday (the 4th). For good reason: we will be welcoming some very (very) special guests to be part of QL. Save the date—We’re telling you b4 we tell the rest of SF, and we will, we will tell them … ! Stay tuned for more details, which we’ll post ASAP !

[ Note from Evan: Thanks to all of you, really, readers and supporters alike. It’s like my wildest dream every month and I love you for it. ]

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