qL5 @ mina dres

you will be there at 7. you will have a pillow. you will be there at 7. we are hurling

ourselves into word circus! we are not looking back!

there will be free wine, but you don’t have to drink it. free_dom.

there will be no microphone, just hUSH and gLORY.

7:00 Mon May 3

Mina Dresden Gallery

312 Valencia @ 14th St

we’ll end around 9 or so. probably later.

it’s gonna cost ya $2! so bring your wallets

sPARKLE & bLINK dVd pre_ORDER smash hit

America #!1

for sale


Ever been stressed out by an overwhelming quantittie of qualittie?

We have.





QL5x now

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ch 3: a town called modernism :: mg martin

ch 2: wrinkles by andrew paul nelson

ch 1: won’t you be my neighbor? by alia volz

Plus every month we draw 1 winner from the mailing list

to see the current play @ A.C.T.

and 1 winner gets

a free copy of


you’re probably not excited enough

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