vitriol 1

vitriol 1

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foreword by Evan Karp
introduction by Lapo Guzzini
poems by Lucy Tiven
Ghost Mountain Island Murder Mystery by Colin Winnette
We Deserve to Be Lost by Carolyn Ho & Nate Waggoner
Regret by Denise Benavides
Fare by Kwan Booth
The Reality Interface by Ransom Stephens
from The Buzzy Greenness of Sebastian Del Sol by Raul Ruiz
on sensing and honoring the waters by Monica Mody
Proserpine by Terry Taplin
The Present Simple by Liza St. James
What Can You Do? by Brenda Hutchinson
Some Food Chain or Another by Casey Childers
Marilyn Diptych by Alexandra Naughton
from Black Hole by Bucky Sinister
Grackles in War Light by Derrick Brown
Night of the E Seals by Cheryl E. Leonard

Visual Art by:

Cal Tabuena-Frolli
Akira Beard
Maren Preston
Maren Salomon
Sanaa Khan
Nigel Sussman

Music by:

Edna Vazquez
Luz Elena Mendoza
Vince DeWald
Randall Sena

Design by:

J. Brandon Loberg

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