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Terry Taplin @ Chemical Wedding, “Proserpine” in vitriol i

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Terry Taplin by Cal Tabuena-FrolliA devout believer in the power and importance of the Liberal Arts and drawing deeply from oral and literary poetics ranging from Classical Antiquity to the Middle Ages and Renaissance to the 20th and 21th Century, Terry Taplin‘s writing seeks a synthesis and reconciliation of form, aesthetic and modality. With one hand on the human and ecological crises that hang over our own day and one hand on the peculiarities of a mindscape equally predisposed to escapism and mingled bliss and grief, the poems of Taplin aim to transport and guide readers through literary microclimates, each striking a tension between oblivion and meticulosity and within which image/lyric are foregrounded and meaning/narrative are subsumed by alchemy and myth.

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