as the tour comes to a close

today’s the last chance to submit to our november 13 show with the center for the art of translation. but you have through the 28th to enter the center’s portion of the show. then we come to the end of our yearlong tour through town: for our four year anniversary we’re going to rent chicken john’s bus and serve you all dinner as we cross the golden gate bridge into fairfax; that’s december 4th with pints and prose.

The Product is Nature Hersekf by Tiny Splendor
The Product is Nature Hersekf by Tiny Splendor

help us rent the bus and pay for dinner, please!

hey! check out these incredible photos from our last show, the great number 50, taken by ian tuttle at the san francisco conservatory of flowers. we’d like to thank litquake and lagunitas, our volunteers, our lucky stars. we’ve got our first book coming out in january; we’re partnering with tiny splendor! you have 7 days to enter! must be postmarked by halloween.

watch videos from our excellent last show here.

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center for the art of translation on november 13th

We are very pleased to announce the first piece of our show with the Center for the Art of Translation, Wednesday, November 13th at The Lab:

Considering They Lived, by Melissa Chandler, was selected by Katie Wheeler-Dubin, Lauren Traetto, and Evan Karp. Click on the title to read the piece in full, and click here to submit a response to be considered for the November 13th show. Below are more details:

  • You can respond to this piece in any way you’d like. Examples: translate it into another language; answer the questions in the piece; take the form and apply it to a new set of questions; imagine the lives of the people in the piece; etc. You can do this in poem form, in fiction, creative nonfiction, etc. You can tell us a story using a series of lists. Anything you can imagine, basically, you can do.
  • We’re accepting submissions through the end of Wednesday, October 23rd.
  • This thread of selections will be half of the show. The Center for the Art of Translation is accepting submissions separately — translations of the “pun-ridden, experimental story from Guillermo Cabrera Infante’s famously difficult-to-translate book Exorcismos de esti(l)o (Exorcisms of Style/Summer)”. Submissions to that half of the show are open here — deadline for that batch is Oct. 28.
  • Anyone who submits to the show and attends, regardless of whether their work is accepted, will receive a copy of the excellent Two Lines Press book Passageways.
  • The first 100 people to the show will also receive a free copy of sparkle + blink.
  • Oh, statistics: We received 27 submissions to this round, and accepted 1 (4%). This will be her first time reading at QL.

What are you waiting for? Go!

Trap that lightning!