ql7s @ space gallery

on wed 7 / 7
at 7 pm
for show # 7
we’re headed into the tenderloin

space gallery

1141 polk st » next to hemlock tavern
feeling lucky
we’ve got until midnite
this is what we’ll tell you meow
Jesus Angel Garcia
Sam Sax
Lauren Becker
William Taylor Jr.
Roger Porter
Tess Patalano
Kelci M. Kelci
Jennifer Capo
alia volz
missy church
charles kruger
mira martin-parker
chris cole
j. brandon loberg
we will have plenty of time
and space
to socialize
a full bar
an encore in tribute
to the 3 who have performed all 7x
nic alea
m.g. martin
paul corman-roberts
who knows?
she and she and he might be there, too
you heard about the last one, right?
it’s not much of a chance

Join us!
word on the streets is
each one gets better
see for yourself
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