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vitriol cover by Akira BeardWe’re publishing a magazine called vitriol, part of a new bimonthly series that brings together musicians and authors. The release party for the first issue is Sunday, December 14th at 6:30pm at Doc’s Lab, with readings by Melissa Stein, Maw Shein Win, Benjamin Wachs, and Jason R Jimenez, music by Shenandoah Davis and Sean Nelson! 21+, $15 includes magazine

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Because we love the challenge at the end of every year to select six of the best pieces we published—in 13 books, two chapbooks, and a magazine, featuring 118 different authors!—this year we’re thrilled to have nominated the following:

When you have a chance, treat yourself and give them a watch:

You can read and watch our previous nominations below:


We’re doing a yearlong back and forth between visual art and writing, concluding with a gallery show and reading in December 2015. We’re currently open to visual art and would love you to submit, or to tell someone you know… the first two selections will launch us off on an unpredictable series! Let’s see where they take us.

@ green apple books on the park, jan. 5

And submissions are open! Through the end of Wednesday, December 17. Do it. Read in that beautiful bookstore. Get in there; sparkle + blink for the first 100 people. Curated by Sara Marinelli, Shideh Etaat + Evan Karp.

report from the emerald tablet

Our art exhibition, featuring 11 previous sPARKLE & bLINK cover artists, is up at The Emerald Tablet through the end of January. Watch and read our show, which was held there on 12/4:

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Would love to see you on December 14th!

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