may 12 film debut at the new parkway

Combustion! Our first short film, based on the story by Amy E. Glasenapp and directed by Katie Wheeler-Dubin. Starring Kat Yoas, Lauren Wheeler-Dubin, and Ryan Van Runkle and these supernovas. Here’s the trailer:

At The New Parkway!
Monday, May 12 • 6:00 show at 7pm
$10 • Get advance tix

Submit to this show! Deadline is the end of Wednesday, April 16. Here’s how you do it.


ps. thanks everyone who came to our book release party for Zack Haber and Tupelo Hassman. That felt really fantastic to see so many friends and bright attentive faces, and the books are still real and so pretty and we are really proud of them! If you didn’t get a copy you can now do that here; you’ll also be able to pick them up in other places soon… though of course the best place to get them is at the shows! Come on May 12! Please submit. And check out Tiny Splendor… we’ll be working with them again but that doesn’t mean you can’t work with them! And/or be their friends. And three cheers for Hipstamatic — especially to their Director of Fun, Mario Estrada… what a magical way to release our first books. Videos and full text coming soon… Go forth, now; go forth and make people want to make more things!

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