go green on labor day + join us on the lawn for free food a beer garden and live music by quijeremá and ash reiter, all free but the beer (only $3/ice cold draft) and all followed by a new book performed live ($5 to see it $10 to take it home)

Believe it or not, the title barely gets us there: the Conservatory of Flowers (that’s where)! Yes, on Monday, September 3 we will reconvene on the front lawn of the COF for a free potluck picnic (4:30pm), live music (5pm) and a beer garden à la La (made you sing) Lagunitas Brewing Co! Have you seen Quijeremá?

Ash Reiter? This is appropriate:

So yeah, both of those shows are free! Bring some food and let’s hang out. Bring notebooks, musical instruments, and/or toys, if you want. We might even sidewalk chalk the roads since they’re closed to autos, and if you want to meet up earlier and get into that you can send me a line.

As with last month, the first set will be in front of the Conservatory, so bring a light jacket. We will just beat the sunset to intermission, when we’ll take a 20-minute break to enjoy the building and find a place to absorb the second set, which will take place amongst the potted plants! Come one, come all; we are proud to present to you this month’s verbal acrobatics, framed by the artwork of Todd Brown! Curated by Kristen Kramer and Ceri Bevan:

click the image for links to each reader

If you’re wondering what this might all be like, and you can’t wait to find out, you can watch videos from last month’s show, and you can also peruse the wonderful photographs our friend Ian Tuttle took (all of which can be purchased—the B&W were shot on film—right this way):

[portfolio_slideshow size=large showtitles=true nav=top trans=fadeZoom exclude=”3647″]

Hope to see you all on Labor Day. Tell your friends. Bring your friends. Make some friends! The Greenhouse Effect, volume 2 will be followed by the Litquake finale show on October 8th, so go ahead and load that into your iCals. We’ve got so much else to tell you; let’s talk in person.


ps. it’s $5 to get in. if you don’t have it, come anyway. (click here if you have more)

Monday, September 3rd – litnic @ 4:30, music @ 5, readings @ 7:30
San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers
100 John F. Kennedy Drive | Golden Gate Park

ps. for those of you keeping score, we received 68 submissions this month. of those (as you can see), we accepted 11—for a rate of 16%. 6 of these 11 are first-timers; 3 will read for the second time; 2 for the third time. this is the first time since our third show that we haven’t had at least one person reading for more than their 3rd time. this is our 34th show and our 30th book.

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