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First of all, we would like to thank everyone who submitted to be a part of this month’s show—we received 40% more submissions than our monthly average (you can scope some statistics below). Was it The Conservatory of Flowers‘ mailing list? The collab with Litquake and their recent announcement? Leah Garchik’s awesome column mention? Ninjas tapped into the Santa Cruz Poetry Festival?

There’s a lot going on, and after spending the last several days reading, re-reading, and re-re-reading we are proud, thrilled, and overcaffeinated to announce the readers for round two of The Greenhouse Effect, to be held at the COF on Monday, September 5. This show was curated by Kristen Kramer and Evan Karp. You are sure to enjoy the art of Tyler Bewley, too:

Whether you caught our first installment of The Greenhouse Effect last month, or you missed it—click for video—this Labor Day event will be extra special. Meet up with us as early as 3pm on the front lawn**: we’ll bring some hummus, spinach dip, homemade breads and pita chips, fresh fruit and vegetables for sandwiches, and whatever drinks we can unofficially get away with clandestinely. A lot of you know the first and second times are also charms, but we’ll be more prepared for this third litnic, with tables in the garden at the foot of the conservatory. Here’s a small visual aid:

Now, just add humans and stir!

But that’s not all:

Since we think it’s going to be fun to hang out in the park, which is closed to non-pedestrians until 6pm, we have asked our friends Michael Musika and Con Brio to bring some instruments and plug in for accompaniment to our leisurely snackings! (They said yes.) For those of you who don’t know, we’ve added some extra aids below. But know this: our comrades at Comrades Brewery, who created those delicious (delicious!) micros that each had its own narrative!, will be back in the house as early as 5pm, when the conservatory closes to all but us. The amped music will begin at 5pm, and while we’re still working out  a few details in that regard, we always love acoustic music, too, and encourage you to bring your instruments… even your whole band!

Exact times for each band and more info TBA soon. But you can see why we’re excited!

We really, really hope you can join us. And not just because we hope you bring food, either.



This month

Received: 70 submissions | Accepted 14

Context: 6 have never read at QL before, 3 have read 1x, 2 have read 2x, and 3 have read 3+ times

July (last month was weird because we did Aug + Oct together for Litquake)

Received: 42 submissions | Accepted 13

Context: 10 were first-timers | 1 had read 1x, 1 2x, and 1 3 or more times


** The picnic will actually begin at the picnic table just SE of The Dahlia Garden, on the East side of the Conservatory (we have our own private grove!). We’ll then move to the front of the building for the beer garden and Michael Musika and Con Brio at around 5pm (or a little before).

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