2.oh, snap!

In case you’re just tuning in we have the New York Times on the line. We were just talking about Quiet Lightning, the monthly-submission based reading series that’s been striking San Francisco now for over a year and whipping all the litsters there into a bonafide frenzy. What is it that makes this series so special, do you think?

It’s funny you ask, really, because while some of the more fundamental reasons persist month after month, each show really does provide it’s own reasons. This month—as I was saying—there will be exactly 16 of these. … You have the image up, right? Can you see the image? You should be able to see the names of this month’s readers on that beautiful artwork by Casey Cripe. You should also be able to click on the art and find out more about this month’s readers.

So you mean the readers make it special. Interesting! I’m wondering if you’ve heard of any of these writers before. I mean, have you? Because I know I haven’t, and I guess what I’m really wondering is, if I haven’t heard of any of these writers before, how come I’ve heard of this series?

Public Works

{ 161 Erie St } off Mission just SE of Duboce

Monday, January 3 2011

7pm | $3 sliding**

** that’s right, we’re gonna try a sliding scale this month. still $3, but if you have and can spare more, we’ll put it toward a good cause.

  • we are looking for volunteers. we are going to try a new policy: volunteer for 3 month terms. each show you get a complimentary copy of sPARKLE & bLINK. we need 3 volunteers for now. in? drop a line.

  • would you go to oakland for quiet lightning? no pressure. we’re just wondering if you’ll join us.

    This is probably a good time to announce that this year we’ll see some changes. Some you’ll like; others you might not. And guess what? We haven’t figured it all out. This right here is live. Hope you catch it while you can.