it’s official: labor day | monday, sept 6 2010 |

meet us in dolores park @ 3pm for a potluck picnic, music, and (maybe) arts + crafts!

we’re going to make a couple dozen sandwiches and some hummus and chutney and bring a case of wine. what are you bringing?

we encourage musical instruments and notebooks and chapbooks and chapstick. it’s breezy out there!

can’t make our picnic? aw, that makes us sad. how about our reading series? we’re going to walk from the park to mina dresden gallery [312 valencia near 14th] to do our monthly thing. it’s only $3.

there might be some wine left …

we’ll go from 7-9, as usual.


also, be sure to check us out in the future!

sat, oct 9 »

6-7pm as part of the first phase of litquake‘s crawl. | gestalt | subs due** Fri Sept 17

wed, nov 3 »

7-9pm | booksmith | subs due Fri Oct 15

fri, dec 3 »

7-9 pm for Neighborhood Heroes, v.2 | TBA | subs are not open for this show

Submit here

(here) » lightning@evankarp.com

** We are the only Litquake event open to the public. If you are already reading for another series, don’t submit to us (Litquake has an every reader only reads once per festival policy that we respect). The only other way to be a part of Litquake is to sign up for the open mic in Clarion Alley or to volunteer. Litquaaaake!

ps. we will have backorders of every issue of sPARKLE  & bLINK, so if you’re collectin’, bring your bargaining powers.

pps. we hope you can make it.

xo xooo xxx oooooh

evan + rajshree

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