Turns out 111 Minna Gallery is an amazing place for Quiet Lightning! We’re very thankful to them for having us, to you for coming, to all the readers from our first 12 shows, particularly our Neighborhood Heroes in June and those this week, to everyone who has shown us support and love. “You have created such a beautiful thing.” So many people said this to me and to Raja Tuesday night. “No,” I would say. “We created a place for beautiful things.” It just so happens that our place moves around every month. Our place is together.

Not going to share a picture of each reader this month. The lightning wasn’t perfect for that. I mean the lightning. Woops. I try to type lightning and you see what happens. Lighting! I had to use backspace. Ergo, I don’t think I’m going to put quotes up, either. See for yourself: the entire show can be read here. You can also watch the entire thing here. And you can buy it, perfectly bound and with beautiful artwork by Matty Byloos, here.

(Actually, some of the things we published are different from the readings this month, which is not usual but then we break the rules for the sake of our artists, so if you want to see what was actually performed you should check out the videos. That also means if you were at the show and didn’t pick up a copy of sPARKLE & bLINK you can read bonus stories here, including Nightfishing by Alia Volz, which was nominated for a Pushcart, a flash piece by Peg Alford Pursell called Magpies, an entire chapter from Andrew O. Dugas’ novel Sleepwalking in Paradise that takes place in Cole Valley, and one of my favorite poems by Charlie Getter — in which he “oo oos for yes and oo oos for no.”)

12 months. 12 shows. Holy annus! Here’s to 2.0, starting:

January 3 2011 | Public Works | 161 Erie St

Subs are due Wednesday, December 15.

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