noise in the stacks with no librarian to shush us

With the release of our 9th book we figured we might as well take this thing into a bookstore. If you’re just tuning in we’ve been to Cantina, to Gestalt, Elbo Room, Mina Dresden Gallery, Space Gallery, and Rickshaw Stop. We have been talked about on every planet that knows how to party and by some that sip only herbal teas and study foreign languages before the triple suns rise. You talk about where you’ve been published and where you’ve read; our reading series is about to consume you. We’ve got our eyes on your stuff and a long list of buyers, bub.

On Wed Nov 3 we head to Booksmith. It will be our eleventh show. Fancy, right? We’ve got a lot of new faces, each face has a language: you have ears, come hear!

This is one of those months we buy wine and pour it for you. Feel free to bring unopened bottles to contribute and dollars to spend on the aforementioned beautiful books, which look like this:

If you like those (!), you should check out the website of Simon Cox. There are plenty more where that came from.

The postcard below has the order, and you can click on it for links to this month’s readers.

But wait! There’s more: we’re spending Tuesday night November 30th @ 111 Minna Gallery to celebrate Neighborhood Heroes, v.2. That makes it a Blue Moon Lightning strike! We’re not quite ready to tell you who’s going to be there, but you should definitely put a mark on your calendar now. It’s only going to be $5 and for another one of those nights you are thrilled even to try to define.

See you soon!

evan + rajshree

ps. RSVP and we’ll give you a discount on your next book purchase.