hi everyone!

thank you so much to all who came out for strike 2! the readers were amazing, the crowd overwhelming, and the downpour of rain o-so comforting. living room storytime, what?

i’ve taken some still frames from the footage and included a tidbit or two.

<<< C L I C K  T O  W A T C H  V I D E O S >>>

Burn the rich, we’ll use them as kindling during the revolution! Man, it’s all so funny to you.”

“By dawn our throats thirst for tea steaming | from mint leaves that escape blackberry roots. | I slide from your curve, eyes round, ears alert.”

“When millions of dead seconds | mutate | into eternities of infinity | what is the color of time?”

“In the corner a man sits in a high back velvet chair, his eyes, his face occluded from the mellow gold light.”

“Someone had put a magazine clipping above the peephole in my hotel room. It read, “Look Good Naked.” So, I did.”

“You’re a forced poem | but look how you coo | saliva seeping | like pleasure weeping | from the corners | of your pouty | puffy mouth”

“She’s important | like the circumference | of the earth in one heart step, | she is.”


“Phantom pain is no joke; it feels like there are bugs on me—insects dancing, having a parade.”

“I have yet to find a tool that | could remove a complete strand | of hair. | I don’t clean these tools, | he does this before he leaves, | takes pride in it, I imagine.”

“Wait, is that what this is all about? Was I on Cops that one time?”

“This isn’t at all what i was trying to tell you stupid sons-of-bitches! I just wanted for everyone to have a constitutional right to oatmeal cookies!!”

“He is a maniac bouncing up and down on this night-time sidewalk, shouting for a man on a rowing machine that he doesn’t even know.”

“Please stop caring about the future. All you need to concentrate on is the sound of butterflies crashing into white walls and falling.”

Thanks again to our amazing readers, to everyone who came out in the rain on a monday night and stuck with us, and to everyone tryin’ to get some elbo room on march 1st. About that:

  • anyone interested in reading should submit here by wed, feb 10. that goes for both text and postcard art.
  • when you subscribe to this blog we will enter you into the monthly raffle for a ticket to the latest play at The American Conservatory Theater. winner this month to see The Caucasian Chalk Circle is Sherril Jaffee.
  • we are taking suggestions about everything. we wish to provide, not dominate! we do not host parties and then not listen to guests! where should we hang out? what else are you thinkin’ about? confide to evan or raja.

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