neighborhood heroes @ the contemporary jewish museum

Thrilled to announce our next show: Thursday June 6 at the Contemporary Jewish Museum, the latest installment of our Neighborhood Heroes series and a collaboration with the exhibit Beat Memories: The Photographs of Allen Ginsberg.

If you’re just tuning in, we’ve done shows in dive bars, classy bars, art galleries, music halls, bookstores, night clubs, a greenhouse, a ballroom, a theater, a mansion, a sporting goods store, a pirate store, a community center… and this will be our first museum show!


Jane Smiley
Glen David Gold
Lisa Brackmann
Michael David Lukas
Susan Steinberg
Kevin Killian
Joseph Lease
Tom Comitta
Karen Penley
Chris Peck the Town Crier

For only 5 dollars! Lagunitas will be in the house with cold draft beers. Don’t miss this, even for your grandparents; they would want you to be at Quiet Lightning! More info will be up shortly, but you can get tickets now — don’t sleep! Museums are pretty strict on things like capacity, you know. RSVP on the Facebook.

July 6th we’re going back to Oakland to be a part of the second annual Beast Crawl! Last year we debuted our Random Play series, which we’ll do again; more to be announced soon, but for now you can read some background on the festival and a recent interview with co-founder Paul Corman-Roberts. Also, you can see a list of confirmed events that will happen — all on that one day in Oakland’s Uptown  — right here.

It’s true! We’re teaming up with The Rumpus, too. How amazing has this Tour Through Town been? Any ideas on what we should do for our fifth year?! Hold those (better yet: send them in!) because for now, let’s talk about Tuesday, July 9th. We’re putting this show together now and would love you to send in your work. Any kind of writing at all. Deadline is Wednesday, June 9th. You know this show is going to be slamming — we’re going to have music and comedy in true Rump fashion — so be a part of it! More info soon.

August 5th we return to the Conservatory of Flowers for our third annual three-show series The Greenhouse Effect. The other dates will be Sept 2 (Labor Day, with a picnic litnic on the lawn) and October 14th as part of Litquake!

Then we’re teaming up with the Center for the Art of Translation and Why There Are Words, which will close out our year. Somewhere in there (November!) is our 50th show. Can you believe it?

in chicken's busThanks for your ongoing support. We are always accepting donations, which are entirely tax deductible and can be made here. For every $10 you donate, we will spend $10 on the greater Bay Area literary community. We’re trying to raise enough money right now to rent Chicken John’s bus to take people to Sausalito. How much fun would that be? We’ll cook a big meal for everyone and have a blast all the way to the show (see photo to the right for an idea or two). Help!

ql-logoFinally, you can now enjoy our recent show with Oakland’s Studio One Reading Series here (video and full text online).

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