labor day details + QL books

QL notebooks

The notebooks to the left represent the first incarnation of Quiet Lightning merch, with design by j. brandon loberg. We have 150 of these and they will each cost $5. To enter our contest is simple:

  1. Pick up one of these notebooks at the show on Monday
  2. Fill it up with your own writing and/or sketching
  3. Hand it in on October 14th at our 50th show, Litquake

More details announced Monday, but here’s a few:

  • You can write anything into the book — maybe you wrote a chapbook last year and haven’t published it yet. Write it in!
  • You can’t in any way affix things to the book — no stapled or glued pages, etc.
  • Your writing must be legible!
  • The books each have 60 3×5 pages.
  • Author of selected entry will have a chance to make edits.
  • Author of selected entry will receive a basic publishing contract, including royalties.
  • Our January show will be a release party for our first non-sparkle + blink book.
  • If you can’t make it on Monday you can pick up one of the books on September 22nd at City Lights (we won’t be holding any, though, so first come first served).
  • If you want the book back you can have it back when the contest is over if you pick it up at one of the shows.

That’s our first book contest. Enter at your own risk.

Monday, September 2nd

100 John F. Kennedy Drive (directions)
Doors at 6:45, show at 7:30pm sharp ***
All ages! $5-10 sliding

RSVP here

polaroid (los angeles, cropped) by Inés Laresgoiti
by Inés Laresgoiti

*** Potluck picnic with games and live music starts at 4:30/5 at The Dahlia Garden Picnic Table, just east of the Conservatory of Flowers (follow that link and scroll down for exact map location). Please bring something to share, but please come even if you can’t! We’ll have games like bocce, cornhole, and giant dominoes, but feel free to bring your own games, musical instruments, notebooks, cameras, survival kits. Remember that the park will be closed to automobiles, so plan on bussing, biking, or walking (here are general directions).

Also don’t forget the bay bridge is closed! Make plans. Sleep in the park if you have to.

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