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Our first book contest required participants to handwrite their books. The result was two beautiful risographed chaps and a glowing release party.

For our second contest, submissions are entirely open to the world… so long as you submit using social media.

The Rules

  • You can use any combination of media… however you want
  • The deadline is the end of September 15
  • Entry cost is $5/submission
  • All submissions are subject to applicable copyright laws

To officially submit, you must use Submittable

  • Include in your submission a link to every post that is part of your book, in the order it’s intended to be read
  • If the book is to be read in a non-linear fashion, please still include all of the links and explain clearly how the book works
  • Because of the nature of this contest, submissions will not be anonymous

Judges: Evan Karp + TBA


  • Tag each post #qlbooks
  • That’s all!

If you want, here are some other tags:
Facebook: @Quiet Lightning
Twitter: @quiet_lightning
Instagram: @quiet_lightning
Tumblr: @qlbooks
Pinterest: @quietlightning
Medium: quiet_lightning


  • Will we give you examples of how this might work? No. We don’t want to limit you.
  • Formatting, particularly for poetry, can be edited once winner(s) is/are chosen. There is no need to send a different formatting in your Submittable file; use the media the best you can.
  • Yes, author(s) of selected entry/entries will receive a basic publishing contract, including royalties.
  • If you have specific questions, please contact us: evan at quietlightning dot org.

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