sunset and the things that follow

art by Daniel Morales!
art by Daniel Morales!

Join us on Monday, September 15th to watch the sunset at Lands End Lookout Point, followed by an outdoor show at a nearby location featuring readings by Raul RuizBaruch Porras-HernandezAdam MoskowitzBrielle BrilliantGinger BuswellArtie MoffaMoneta Goldsmith, and William Taylor Jr.!

This will be a free show, and the first 100 people will get a copy of sparkle + blink, with art by Daniel Morales!

Bring a warm jacket and a scarf. No refreshments will be provided.

Sunset ~7:15 pm. Meet at Lookout Point parking lot at 6:30 and we’ll walk together to the readings, which start ~8 pm.

Note: This month’s reading is not ADA accessible, though arrangements might be possible. Send us an email with any questions.

sunset over sutro baths by Sunny Wu (Eric)

Curation: readings by Caroline Kessler and Evan Karp, art by Laura Ceron Melo



  • We received 79 submissions for this show and accepted 9 (11%).
  • Return readers this month:
    • Raul Ruiz (1x)
    • Baruch Porras-Hernandez (1x)
    • Adam Moskowitz (1x)
    • Brielle Brilliant (1x)
    • Ginger Buswell (3x)
    • Moneta Goldsmith (9x)
    • William taylor Jr. (7x)

This is our 64th show and 57th issue of s+b, featuring now 759 individual readings by 422 different authors.

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