Night Light

Quiet Lightning is going to be part of SOMArts’ annual multimedia garden party Night Light on Saturday, July 18th. Submissions are OPEN through Wednesday, June 10th.

n o t e s  //  r u l e s

  1. You must specify: are you submitting for Jul 11, Quiet Lightning @ Beast Crawl in Oakland, or Jul 18 Night Light @ SOMArts, or both? All of those options are equally encouraged, but you must specify or your submission can not be considered.
  2. You must commit to the date(s) in order to submit.
  3. You must not put your name anywhere in your document(s) or in the title of your submission(s).
  4. Send us any form of writing you’ve got, so long as you wrote it. Any kind. Make up new kinds and send them to us.
  5. No one gets more than 8 minutes.
  6. Selections will be put into a literary mixtape to be performed live, without introduction or banter, and published in the 68th issue of sPARKLE & bLINK, featuring cover art by a local artist and handed out to the first 100 people at the show.
  7. Curators: Evan Karp, Christine No, Gianna Badiali, Chris Cole, and David Welper
  8. Submissions close at 11:59pm Wednesday, June 10.
  9. You may make multiple submissions, but do not send us more than 1000 words total (to either show—i.e. you can submit 1,000 words to Beast Crawl and 1,000 (of the same or different) words to Night Light.

Get a feel for what to expect in the photos and video below.
But this is an immersive experience.

Don’t miss it!

Full lineup of exhibiting artists and organizations coming soon.
You’ve got the chance to be a part of it right here through June 10—
and we hope you give it a shot!

Either way, for friends
of Quiet Lightning tickets are only $10
to this party and you should definitely save the date.
It’s free to submit. If you are selected it is free to attend.
Get tickets!

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