thanks everyone! see you on june 8th

Big thanks to everyone who came out to Alley Cat Books last night! What a great venue, right? Thanks to all of our volunteers: Josey Duncan, SB Stokes, Justin Hannigan, Jessica Moll, Nick Mwaluko, Sarah Maria Griffin and Ceri Bevan; to our sponsor, Lagunitas; and of course to all of our wonderful readers. I think I can speak for everyone when I say last night was a great reading and a lot of fun.

Not there? Enjoy videos of the show and/or read the entire thing for free here.

Save the date: Friday, June 8th we are going to the William Westerfield Mansion for Neighborhood Heroes!


it’s not hip anymore! come for the writing.

Dear everyone:

Just wanted to inform you that we are no longer a hip organization. Please disregard all notions that Quiet Lightning is a new, fresh idea; something it might be good to be a part of; a place where people are ‘seen’ or ‘looked for’.

That is all.

Alley Cat Books | 3036 24th St
7pm doors | 7:30 show
$5 suggested | $3 Lagunitas

see you in the alley, cat

After our mystical triumph in the boxcar we’re headed to the new Alley Cat Books for our show on Monday, May 7th and truly hope you can join us. This is our second time in a bookstore (here to revisit or scope out the first) and we have an entirely different (and perhaps our most vestal) show for you this month.

Curated by Nicole McFeely and Evan Karp, our lineup features 11 authors, 8 of whom have never performed at Quiet Lightning before. All 3 of the others have only read with us once. Also, several of the pieces we are proud to feature this month have been submitted before (and a couple more than once). Finally, we had to ‘reject’ several people this month because they included their names on their submissions. Don’t do that! Our process truly is blind.

Without further ado, click on the art by our beloved artist Agneta Falk, whose work you can currently see at The Emerald Tablet (though hurry because it is selling out!), to see this month’s readers and stalk them until their reading day.

We’re very excited for this one. Alley Cat is being gracious enough to keep its doors open (they usually close at 7), so the space is essentially ours. The show will start at 7:30 and end by 9, though probably a bit earlier. As with our last show, we will have delicious beer from Lagunitas Brewing Company at only $3 a cup, so come take advantage of us and let’s thank each other in the morning.


Monday, May 7th
Alley Cat Books | 3036 24th St @ Balmy, just East of Folsom St.
7/7:30pm | suggested $5 | beer $3

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Holler at if you want to volunteer; all vols get a free copy of this month’s book and a comp beer with their comp lit.