Neighborhood Heroes, v.1

We pretty much filled the Elbo Room up and kept it pin-drop.

We’re still ringing.

But that’s how it usually goes.

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Definitely one of the best literary events I’ve ever been to.” — lots of people

See what SFWeekly had to say about it!

After an event like that, there will probably be Quiet Lightning: Neighborhood Heroes, v.2 about 6 months from now … which will mark our 1 year anniversary.

Until then, we are back to submissions: the deadline—for readings and for art—is Wed Jun 16.

The show will be on Wed, Jul 7 @ Space Gallery.

We have both the bar downstairs and the gallery up from 7-12.

What do you think will happen?

We’ll also be back down to $3.

Tell your friends to sign up to our blog for the monthly call for submissions, announcement of readers, reminder, and video recap.

Check out the beautiful sPARKLE & bLINK: Issue 4

it’s a script; it’s a memento

for a limited time

download the whole thing for free

with artwork by Liz Worthy

and design by Dawn Andres

Send in your writings and doodles and great ideas!!!

You have nothing to lose.


Get ready everyone! The big show is a week from tomorrow (Fri, June 4) @ Elbo Room. We’re starting @ exactly 7pm—to be more precise, Mr. Jon Longhi is starting exactly @ 7! You do not not not want to miss it! Below is the order [for those who don’t know, we forego introductions to allow for more of the important stuff—fiction, poetry!—and to make sure everyone knows who everyone is we print these postcards with the lineup on them]. Artwork courtesy of Liz Worthy (who runs Bikram Writing, which you should also check out!). Here is a brief description of Quiet Lightning for the uninitiated.

Really, what’s not to like? For only $5, it’s the best deal on June 4.

The Chronicle likes us too!

Here are various links to our wonderful readers so you can access their work and also get in the mood!

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Also, we’re taking submissions for Wed, July 7. Location TBA. Subs for writing and art are due in by Wed June 16.

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