Cue el Ocho

we believe you when you tell us you’re hungry. we listen and when we say we feel you i hope you understand what this means. we are hungry too. we sympathize. we are all rich.

true or false?

as the grandeur increases the intimacy wanes.

thanks rickshaw! we had a good time.

neighborhood heroes, v.2 [dec 3] » rickshaw or elbo?

we’re thinking rickshaw. mezz open.

thanks again.

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below are some photos by our friend Timothy Faust!

Next up: Mon Sept 6

Location TBA

Submissions due by Wed Aug 18

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it’ll be $3

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sPARKLE & bLINK: Issue 6

it’s an artifact, not a commodity

with artwork by Denny Holland

and design by Dawn Andres

Send in your writings and doodles and great ideas!!!

You have nothing to lose.


evan + rajshree

rickshaw don’t stop (get it)


we filled the rickshaw

you did

thank you so much

if you didn’t

we started off with this

vidspixthots soon to come

what could we possibly be doing?


unless something changes (which it might, so stay tuned), the next show will be @ mina dresden gallery on mon sept 6. but we will meet in dolores park for a picnic, some music, and maybe some unplanned recitations. who knows? we’re going to bring a basket full of sandwiches + hummus, and you should bring some food too. we’ll share, k? more info tba …

send submissions in by wed aug 18 to

talk to you soon,

evan + rajshree

ps. thanks again, everyone!