pushcart nominations

Because we love the challenge at the end of every year to select six of the best pieces we published—and it’s so difficult: this year we published 4 books, featuring 87 authors!—we’re thrilled to have nominated the following for the 2021 Best of Small Presses:

Sara Post: “Libations, HIPAA Style” / watch | read

Michael Warr, trans. by Chun Yu: “To Your Assailant” / watch | read

Jessica Barksdale: “When I Wash Raspberries” / watch | read

Tomas Moniz: “Masks On, Pants Off” / watch | read

Ernest White II: “Challenger” / watch | read

Emily Dezurick-Badran: “Ghosts” / watch | read

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You can read and watch our previous nominations below:



Karla Brundage: “Alabama Dirt” / watch | read

Madeline Cash: “Hostage #4” / watch | read

Alia Salim: “Deep State” / watch | read

Alex Maceda: “Purple is a Late Blooming Color” / watch | read

Halim Madi: “As Home Became Metaphor” / watch | read

Robyn Carter: “Excelsior” / watch | read



Shelley Wong: “To Yellow” « watch | read

Donna Laemmlen: “The Dangers of Helium” « watch | read

Lisa Galloway: “Mercy” « watch | read

Mairav Zonszein: “A Birth Story” « watch | read

Maddy Raskulinecz: “Intruders in Ms. Hansen-Knudsen’s Class” « watch | read

Kevin Dublin: “Argument” « watch | read



Cassandra Dallett: “Jails Have ATM Machines Now” « watchread

Ruth Crossman: “Tom Petty” « watchread

Emily Dezurick-Badran: “The Werewolf in Love” « watchread

André Le Mont Wilson: “The Ass Wiper” « watchread

Clare Lilliston: “Coelacanth” « watchread

Sarah Henry: “2017” « watchread




Charlie Getter: “Geography Lesson” « watchread

Kate Folk: “Funeral Requirements for Thwarted Children” « watchread

Jenny Xie: “Wendy Beside Herself” « watchread

Kazumi Chin: “The Very Last New Year’s Resolution” « watchread

Jason Bayani: “Antidepressants” « watchread

Eric Kurhi: “The Snake Guy” « watchread 




Ploi Pirapokin: “David, the Cephalopod” « watchread

David Welper: “Garlic” « watch |read

Susanna Kwan: “Up, Apart, Away” « watch | read

Yxta Maya Murray: “The Whitney’s 2016 Max Mara Anniversary Bag Designed by Renzo Piano’s Building Workshop” « watchread

E.C. Messer: “The Poet” « watchread

Brynn Saito: “How to Prepare the Mind for Lightning” « [vid + text coming soon]




Claire Williams: “The Man Who Drank the Sea” « watchread

Kristina Ten: “Milkless” « watchread

Maggie Tokuda-Hall: “Miri and the Squid” « watch | read

Hugh Behm-Steinberg: “Mouse-Colored Penduline Tits” « watchread

Maw Shein Win: “Score” « watchread

Bonnie Kwong: “The Moon from the Corner of Her Eye” « watchread 




Elena Mauli Shapiro: “December 25, 1989” « watch | read

Matthew Zapruder: “To Sergio Franchi” « read

Peter Orner: “Shhhhhh, Arthur’s Studying” « watch | read

Kai Carlson-Wee: “Holes in the Mountain” « watch | read | bonus

Christine No: “Mattress Man” « watch | read

Colin Winnette: “Ghost Mountain Island Murder Mystery” « read




erica lewis: “Bodies Dream of Themselves” « watch | read

Susan Steinberg: “Spectator” « watch | read

Brandon Brown: “My Favorite Things” « watch | read

Molly Giles: “Harm Done” « watch | read

Jarett Kobek: “#YOLO” « read

Charlie Getter: “Untitled (I live on an iceberg)” « watch




Cassie J. Sneider: “Romance” « watch | read

A.D. Winans: “Fourth of July Poem” « watch | read

Toni Mirosevich: “The Right Spot” « watch | read

Siamak Vossoughi: “Not A Party” « watch | read

Sean Taylor: “It Sings Us Both to Sleep” « watch | read

L.J. Moore: “Fig. 23: Wrecked” « watch | read





Jesús Castillo: from “Remains” « watch | read

Graham Gremore: “Happy Birthday (Sorry You Missed It)” « watch | read

James Warner: from All Her Father’s Guns « watch | read

Siamak Vossoughi: “Don’t Ask Me” « watch | read

Meg Day: “Say Yes”« read

Joseph Lease: “Lost Highway” « watch | read