Poetry in Parks 2018

grapevines by Della Heywood
“Grapevines” by Della Heywood


Poetry in Parks / Sept 16, 2018 @ Samuel P. Taylor State Park 


Poetry in Park 2015 by Lynne Williams - trees


Sunday, Sept 16
12pm potluck, 2pm readings


Brian Goulart

Jeremy Vasquez

William Butler

Megan Breiseth

Marci Vogel

Florencia Milito

Clare Lilliston

Carol Dorf

Adam Moskowitz

Terri Glass

Jaz Sufi

Cyrus Armajani

Charlie Getter

Cheryl Dumesnil

Heather Robinson

Elizeya Quate


Join us for an afternoon of readings in the redwoods!

curated by Chris Cole, Evan Karp, and Scott Green


free, all-ages show

all the authors are paid


the first 100 people receive a copy of sPARKLE & bLINK 95 featuring art by Della Heywood!

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Parking + more information

  • There will be two types of parking available: in the day-use area, by the entrance: this costs $8/car and is just a short walk to the redwood grove, where the event will be. This is recommended. The other parking is just over a mile West on Sir Francis Drake Blvd. — a pullout at Devil’s Gulch; this parking is free, if available (it fills up pretty fast), and requires you to talk the mile back on the shoulder of Sir Francis Drake.
  • In addition to the above two options, we have 20 spots at the redwood grove, which are all reserved for QL readers + staff. If you have a car and are able and willing to take a carpool of people to the event, contact evan AT quietlightning DOT org — we may have an extra spot or two at the redwood grove in exchange for your chauffering!
  • The grove has a slight chill to it at the beginning of the day. We’ll be setting up starting at 10am, so if you arrive early you may want to bring a light jacket.
  • Food & drinks: We will have keg beer available by donations, courtesy of Lagunitas, and food will be available for free in a potluck-style. If you can, please bring something to share; if not, please feel free to take of the bounty. We had a great spread last time! Alcohol is permitted — you can bring a cooler, etc. Please be prepared to help clean up after the event, as we want to keep the park clean!!
  • We will have limited seating (about 30 folding chairs) — if you definitely need a chair, please let us know: evan AT quietlightning DOT org. Otherwise, we encourage you to bring a blanket or the like to sit on — you can see pics of our event in the redwood grove back in 2015 just below, to give you an idea of what to expect:

Quiet Lightning in Samuel P. Taylor State Park



Samuel P. Taylor State Park / 8889 Sir Francis Drake Blvd, Lagunitas, California 94938

Samuel P. Taylor State Park - Map

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Thanks so much to everyone who sent in writing!!!


We received 71 submissions and accepted 16 (23%).

Half (50%) of the writers are debuting at Quiet Lightning; half are returning:

Jeremy Vasquez (1x)
Marci Vogel (2x)
Carol Dorf (1x)
Adam  Moskowitz (7x)
Cyrus Armajani (1x)
Charlie Getter (9x)
Heather Robinson (1x)
Elizeya Quate (2x)









Hope to see you in the redwood grove!!

Poetry in Park 2015 by Lynne Williams


photo by Lynne Williams from Poetry in Parks 2015 @ Samuel P. Taylor State Park