Disruptors 2019

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Quiet Lightning is a San Francisco-based literary nonprofit now in our 10th year. We’ve evolved over the last decade but remain true to our spirit: an accessible community platform for creative expression of all kinds.

As a 501(c)3 board it is our responsibility to uphold the spirit of QL, as well as to challenge it and ourselves. It’s on us to find effective ways to infuse new energy and ideas into the organization, and to make sure what we do helps to foster growth and community throughout the SF/Bay Area. As we enter our 10th year and deliberate on a second decade, we’ve been asking ourselves the hard questions: are we still adding to the conversation? Is what we do still necessary? What is a better way forward? What we quickly realized was that we need more of your voices in our discussions; what we want is more collaboration, more influence in helping to shape the future of Quiet Lightning.

Effective immediately we are accepting applications for a role we have created called QL Disruptor, a limited-term Board membership open to the public. We are accepting applications for up to 3 QL Disruptors to join us starting July 2019 (and reserve the right not to choose any). As Disruptor, you will be involved in the following:

  • Taking ownership of – producing – one of the following literary mixtapes in 2019: Jul 1, Sept 7, or Nov 4. This includes curation, venue selection, and adherence to a fairly strict (but obviously very doable) timeline.
  • Working directly with a point person (Liaison) – a member of the Legacy Board or someone thereby authorized – to help oversee your show’s production.
  • Working directly with the rest of the Quiet Lightning board of directors, receiving full voting privileges throughout the end of 2019 and fulfilling the responsibilities of all board members to advance the mission of the organization. You can read our current board responsibilities, but we are planning to revisit everything from our mission on up during this timeframe and are looking for people who want to have an impact on the future of Quiet Lightning.
  • Attending at least 50% (1) of the board meetings between Jul-Dec 2019. The meetings will be on the weekends of June 28-30 and November 1-3.
  • Completing a survey at the end of the year, providing feedback about your experience in an effort to improve both the process and organization.


  • Help shape a dynamic, inclusive, accessible nonprofit that provides a platform for all local artists regardless of medium, style, or experience.
  • Have an immediate voice within the organization.
  • Propose (and lead) an initiative (or more than one initiative) for a new series/project to receive Quiet Lightning’s organizational support.
  • Read/perform (if you’d like) at the end-of-the-year anniversary party featuring all Quiet Lightning board and staff. Everyone who wants to participate will also be included in a special edition of sparkle + blink.



We’ve never done anything like this before, so if we’ve overlooked anything or you have any questions, ideas, or thoughts you want to share, please don’t hesitate to reach out: evan AT quietlightning DOT org.