J. Miakoda Taylor

courtesy the artist

J. Miakoda Taylor (we/us/they/them) is the most unreasonable, defiant, and loving playmate and sole parent of Ezelle Ayodele (they/them/we/us/she/her), a 3-year-old, monkey-bar-mastering, Afro-Indigenous-Latinx star-being. Ezelle’s birth has re-oriented Miakoda’s life around an ancestral calling to grow and fortify Ezelle’s joy in the face of dominant culture’s intentional design to destroy it. Koda is a two-spirit trickster, storyteller, and burgeoning- elder expressing their medicine as the Founder and Lead Steward of Fierce Allies, a network of equity and justice practitioners utilizing somatics, trauma-healing, Restorative Justice, and eco-Indigenous ritual to advance ambitious change strategies. They are also collaboratively stewarding an organizing platform designed to redirect the JEDI/DEI industry’s current reform-oriented goals of diversity and inclusion towards the actualization of JEDI 2.0: Justice, Equity, Decolonization and Intersectionality at the physical, psychospiritual, global, and galactic levels. Koda and Ezelle reside on the unceded Chochenyo, Ohlone territory known as Berkeley, CA and descend from Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island, enslaved Africans, as well as European immigrants.

Miakoda was invited by James-Amutabi Connie Haines