Donté Clark

Photo by Molly Cranna
Donté Clark, a native of Richmond California, reigns as one of the most prolific writers and voices out of the Bay Area arts community. 

Donté Clark is an actor, stage and film director, scriptwriter, lyricist and Public Defense attorney consultant. His recently collection of poetry Close Caskets was released Feb 2021, available now on Amazon.

All of Donté’s work as an artist and community member is dedicated to shifting the narrative(s) of black/aborigine peoples history; While challenging educators and courtroom officials to abolish all racist policies. 

Donté was invited by Dr. Allison E. Francis & Karla Brundage

He invited TJ Sykes to perform in the subsequent show on July 4, 2022.


Check out Donté’s book, Close Caskets.

Watch the trailer for Romeo is Bleeding, a documentary that follows Donté as he rewrites Romeo and Juliet based in Richmond, CA (2013-17).

Watch “Blackness is Everything”, a video featuring the poem by Donté Clark, directed by Alba Mejia.