ASHA is an Artist, Educator, and Revolutionary. Originally from LA, ASHA has been a public school teacher for the last 10 years in the bay area. She is an international poet, striving to use art to create radical change. ASHA has been featured on the cover of Content Magazine, KQED Arts, and many of the prominent poetry events in the Bay Area, as well as been an active speaker, emcee, and performer at numerous rallies and marches for civil and human rights. Her Tedx tells her diasporic journey of identity through poetry, and her latest book release, Not Your Masi’s Generation tackles mental health and healing from generational trauma. Her dream is to establish her own K-12 school rooted in restorative practices, art and social justice based standards.  ASHA consistently uses her platform to voice out against injustice and to speak up for those who have been marginalized and silenced for centuries.


ASHA was invited by Arlene Biala.

She invited Quyn-Mai Nguyen to perform in the subsequent show, on Oct 4, 2021.


ASHA has two books out:

Not Your Masi’s Generation

Crawling in My Skin

Not Your Masi’s Generation is a memoir and workbook focusing on mental health and healing from intergenerational trauma. 

Crawling in My Skin  explores mental health through the metaphor of ants.

Both books are available everywhere, including from her personal website.