May 6 @ Arion Press

sPARKLE + bLINK 99 featured artist Nathalie Fabri

Sarah Henry
Siamak Vossoughi
Elizabeth Gonzalez James
Kristen Staby Rembold
Kate Folk
Bianca Barela
Emma Webster

Sarah Arantza Amador
Melody Nixon
Christopher Bernard
Ruth Crossman
Jeffrey Kingman
Gark Mavigan
Tony Press
Rachael Maier

Monday May 6 @ Arion Press, 1802 Hays Street, The Presidio, San Francisco

Doors at 6:30. Readings begin at 7pm sharp!

Parking / Entrance information

There is plenty of parking at the venue! Please avoid parking in spaces that are marked “Reserved” for residents. There are several parking lots nearby, which are well-signed with any restrictions. Permit payment hours differ for the various lots—be sure to check that.

You can find public transit info and a map here.

The front door of Arion Press is at the base of the tall smokestack, which is visible from most anywhere.

quiet lightning logo

We received 82 submissions and accepted 15 (18%). Of those:

  • 6 (40%) are performing at Quiet Lightning for the first time
  • 9 are returning:
    • Sarah Henry 3x
    • Siamak Vossoughi 22x
    • Kate Folk 3x
    • Emma Webster 1x
    • Sarah Arantza Amador 1x
    • Ruth Crossman 1x
    • Jeffrey Kingman 1x
    • Gark Mavigan 1x
    • Tony Press 3x

This will be our 126 show and 99th issue of sPARKLE & bLINK. The curators of this show, Meghan Thornton and Rohan DaCosta, have given us a gift. Come and get it!

drinks will be available

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