We are currently accepting submissions of VISUAL ART for the first round of our yearlong ekphrastic project.

We are also now open for submissions of WRITING for our Jan 5 show @ Green Apple Books on the Park, curated by Sara Marinelli, Shideh Etaat, and Evan Karp.

Rachel Toups @ Green Apple Books on the Park

  • If you’d like to submit your artwork to be featured in sparkle + blink, check out our art page.
  • If you’d like to submit an (informal) application to co-curate one of our shows, follow this link and let us know.
  • If you’d like to submit writing to one of the shows, or to the book contest, you can also read on:
  • Lightning Ekphrastics

    Thus begins our yearlong ekphrastic project:

    Quiet Lightning is accepting submissions of all forms of VISUAL ART through Sunday, December 21. Art may be of any medium and subject matter.

    Our art directors, Laura Ceron Melo and Sidney Stretz, will each choose one of their favorite pieces; we will then post those two selections on our website, and open submissions to written responses, on Sunday, December 28th; those submissions will be open until Sunday January, 18th, with selections posted, and submissions open to visual responses, on January 25th.

    We will continue this back and forth through November 2015 and celebrate the project's completion with a gallery show throughout the month of December '15, with a reading of one of the threads at the opening reception and a reading of the other thread at the closing reception.

    Rad, right?

    In part, a celebration of our exhibition at The Emerald Tablet, up through the end of January.

    Writing to be selected by two people people TBA soon.

    1. Do not put your name anywhere -- neither in the submission itself nor in the subject of your submission nor in the filenames (only in the cover letter). Let's keep the lights out for a little while, yeah?
    2. One submission per person, per half round. A round is two months—visual art and writing—so there are six rounds in this project. In other words: anyone who submits visual art can also submit writing, even in the same round, even if their art is selected. Why not? We'd love you to have a conversation with yourself across different media.

    That's it, actually.

    Questions? Don't hesitate: evan AT quietlightning DOT org. 

    Submit! »
  • Quiet Lightning @ Green Apple Books on the Park

    Quiet Lightning is accepting submissions—of all kinds of writing—for our first show of 2015, on Monday, January 5th: a literary mixtape curated by Shideh Etaat, Sara Marinelli, and Evan Karp!

    The first 100 people to the show get a copy of sPARKLE & bLINK.

    Venue is Green Apple Books on the Park!

    *** The deadline for submissions is the end of Wednesday, Dec. 17th. ***


    1. Send us any kind of writing you've got. Any kind. Make up new kinds and send them to us.
    2. We rarely feature work that requires more than 8 minutes of reading time (this varies of course but let's say 1,500 words).
    3. By submitting, you commit to be present for the date: Monday Jan 5, 2015.
    4. Do not put your name anywhere -- neither in the submission itself nor in the subject of your submission.

    Please note:

    • We publish the accepted submissions in sparkle + blink every month. It's OK to submit previously published writings, but please let us know where they were published so we can give proper attribution.
    • You may submit audio, but all submissions must include full text.
    Don't hesitate to contact us for any reason: evan@quietlightning.org. 
    Submit! »

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