The American Bookbinders Museum

The American Bookbinders Museum, Nov 7 2016 | site of Quiet Lightning 101

  • Quiet Lightning SEVEN YEAR anniversary show

    Call us up at 777-7777, we're 7 yo, you're lucky, together we jackpot

    C'mon. Spend the night with us. It's our birthday! 

    Location TBD. Curated by Josey Rose Duncan + a guest curator TBD soon.

    All selected authors will read/perform as part of our 102nd show, a literary mixtape on Monday December 5.

    FREE SHOW. All authors will be paid!

    The first 100 humans @ "location TBD" on said date shall receive 1 copy of sPARKLE & bLINK featuring art by Jon Garaziar!



    1. Send us any kind of writing. Any kind! Make up new kinds and send them to us.
    2. No one gets more than 8 minutes of reading time. This varies of course but don’t send us more than 1,500 words unless you’ve timed the piece multiple times and your speedy performance of the text somehow enhances it. We sometimes make an exception to this rule, but rarely.
    3. You may submit more than one attachment, but the word count of your entire submission should not exceed 1,500.
    4. By submitting, you commit to be present for the date: Monday December 5, 2016.
    5. Do not put your name anywhere — neither in the submission itself nor in the subject/title/filename of your submission.
    6. We publish the accepted submissions in sparkle + blink every month. It’s OK to submit previously published writings, but please let us know where they were published so we can give proper attribution.
    7. You may submit audio, but all submissions must include full text.
    8. We welcome and encourage submissions in any and all languages, but all submissions must also contain an English translation.
    Don't hesitate to contact us for any reason: 

    Learn More »

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  • If you’d like to submit your artwork to be featured in sparkle + blink, check out our art page.
  • If you’d like to submit an (informal) application to co-curate one of our shows, follow this link and let us know.

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