Once a year, Quiet Lightning honors exceptional members of our community for a special edition of our show (and accompanying issue of sparkle + blink). We call them Neighborhood Heroes. For a full list of all of our Heroes, and to watch them each perform with us, click here.

We would love to know who your heroes are, and who you’d like to see participate in Quiet Lightning. Use the form below, and if you have any questions, feel free to send them to evan@quietlightning.org.

The form has two parts, corresponding to our two categories of Neighborhood Hero:

  1. The first, below, is to nominate any Bay Area writer who has produced superior literature and/or contributed to the literary community in a significant way.
  2. The second part of the form, which you will reach once you’ve clicked “Next,” below, is to nominate anyone who has performed as part of Quiet Lightning in the past year.

2 Responses to Neighborhood Heroes

  1. Paul Corman-Roberts says:

    Appreciate the inclusion in this year’s opener! Woo hoo, I love me some political troublemakins. I’m stunned to see the person with the 3rd most appearances, Ms. Cassandra Dallett, has not been granted neighborhood hero status, because she absolutely is THE hero of the ‘vale/Murder D’s neighborhood of Oakland and a severely accomplished and compelling poet. I hope you select her for your next show, thank you so very much!

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