thanks, viracocha!

Hi everyone, and welcome to our website. This is not just another WordPress site. This is the home of Quiet Lightning, and we have been expecting you. Take your digital shoes off. Kick back in your chair. You’ve earned this internet. We’ve prepared a feast for you; but first, a message from our sponsor (read: heart):

Thanks to everyone at Viracocha for making last night the perfect homecoming. We were nervous to do a show at Vira because it’s so special to us; like bringing a lover home to ma for the first time, we were afraid of the worlds colliding. But of course that was foolish! All of our authors—11 of which, out of the 12, had never performed at QL before—were comfortable, and thus spot-on pros at the mic. Julie Indelicato made us sound as good as we ever have, hands down, and Sean Taylor kept us honest. If you’re reading this and you haven’t been yet, seriously, get ye to Viracocha! Jon Siegel: San Francisco, the world needs more places like Viracocha. Thank you.

Thanks to everyone who helped last night: Charles Kruger, Kristen Kramer, Meghan Thornton, SB Stokes, John Panzer, Sandra Wassilie, and Chris Cole for putting the show together with me. That was the first show I co-curated since May and it was a true delight from start to finish. 37 shows now. 32 books. Which brings us to the future:

Next month, on December 3rd, we will celebrate 3 years of Quiet Lightning. Hard to believe. Easy to celebrate. We’re accepting submissions through the end of Wednesday, November 14th. Send all submissions here. We are proud and more than a little excited to announce SB Stokes and Meghan Thornton will curate that show. This marks the first time a non-board member, non-committee head will join forces for the selection process. If you’re interested in being one of the people who puts together the shows, here’s more information.

If you’re wondering: what’s up with Neighborhood Heroes: the next installment will be in June. We will soon open a public nomination process, so stay tuned! A lot of exciting stuff around the corner, everyone. Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm. Just between September and October we had 82 people attend Quiet Lightning for the first time—and that’s just including people who filled out surveys. Last night, about half of the 100+ had never been. We look forward to seeing old faces and meeting new ones each month, and couldn’t be more proud and excited to welcome in the new year with you all very, very soon.

Love and lightning,
Evan for QL

5 thoughts on “thanks, viracocha!

  1. Chrissie Karp says:

    Cannot believe… it’s been three years of total dedication and devotion on your part and I know how proud you are of your baby…may it theive in the future and be remembered by all who participated…A job well done Evan Karp.

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