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Nicole  McFeely and Janey Smith, in association with Quiet Lightning productions and Casey McAlduff‘s Studio One Reading Series, are proud to present Hidden Tracks, featuring the work of Adeena Karasick and erica lewis in a one-night only live performance of literary mixtape #43 (aka sparkle + blink 39 aka the fourth stop on this year’s Tour):

click on the image for links to the readers

Art from Elizabeth Moran’s Night, Light series

Free show. Free Lagunitas. Food trucks prior — been to Studio One Art Center? It was made for grazing.

Friday, May 3 @ 7:30 • doors 7 • trucks 6
365 45th St, Oakland

Coming from BART?

  1. MacArthur Station
  2. R on 40th (E) until Telegraph Ave
  3. L to Cross 40th and walk ~450 Evan paces
  4. R on 45th
  5. Walk ~550 Evan paces (Studio One is just past the Temescal pool, also on your right — you can’t miss it)

QL + Porch Light Open Door this Monday!

You can now read and watch our March show with Feast of Words right here and our April show with Porch Light right here.

Neighborhood Heroes • June 6th at the Contemporary Jewish Museum

Jane Smileypostcard_4x6_back-print
Glen David Gold
Lisa Brackmann
Michael David Lukas
Susan Steinberg
Kevin Killian
Joseph Lease
Tom Comitta
Karen Penley
Chris Peck the Town Crier

—The Rumpus

Submissions for our show with The Rumpus are now open! It’s going to be Tuesday, July 9th. More info coming soon, but if you can commit to that date now you can go ahead: submit.


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