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The Greenhouse Effect returns! Monday, August 5th • Conservatory of Flowers

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Carleen Tibbetts • Paul Corman-Roberts • Peter Bullen • Tory Adkisson • Kara Vernor • Melissa Graeber • Linette Escobar • Tracey Knapp • Molly Giles • Miquila Alejandre • Patrick O’Neil

Thanks to everyone who sent us work. We had a difficult time putting these two shows together, as there was a lot of work we wanted to accept but couldn’t. Below you will find submission stats; first, our lineup for our 50th show: Litquake on Monday, October 14th:

Sean Labrador y ManzanoKelly EganKen GrobeNaomi GoldnerDavy CarrenCharlie GetterJennifer ChengNeil CarmanKai Carlson-Wee • Chloé VeylitJanet FrishbergMira Martin-ParkerJason Schenheit

Whether you submitted, were accepted or not, or did not submit to the above shows, we hope you will send some of your writing in for one or more of the following :

Madness @ The Conservatory of FlowersGet involved. We’re always down to bounce ideas off of new people, and if you have some we’d be happy to hear them. We’re also always accepting tax-deductible donations, but right now we’re trying to raise money so we can rent Chicken John’s bus and feed people dinner on our way across the Golden Gate Bridge to December’s show with Why There Are Words (and speaking of meals, on Labor Day we have a big free-for-all potluck picnic on the COF lawn with live music).

Hope you’ll join us on August 5th. It’s going to be quite the homecoming.

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