lightning in a ship in an internet bottle

Captain Chris Cole!

If you made it to 826 Valencia on Monday for the first show of our Tour Through Town, you’re probably feeling great right now. If you’re anything like us, that is. It’s like lightning lit the sky and the sky stayed lit. If only puns were gold coins!

Thanks to everyone involved with Pirate Lightning! We’re really proud of that show and grateful to 826 — particularly to Emilie Coulson, Molly Parent, and Randy Hyde — for collaborating with us. Thanks to all the readers for being brave, bright, and absolutely awe-inspiring; to their parents for all their support and encouragement, and to our food sponsors Bi-Rite Market, OneBar and Cheddar and Chutney for making the event as fortifying physically as it was otherwise.

To watch the show, read it online for free, or purchase a copy of the book, sparkle + blink, click here.

If you don’t already, you can like us on Facebook, follow along on Twitter, and participate in our monthly Instagram contest to win a free copy of the book. Also, you can read every show over at Scribd; if you subscribe you’ll get a notice each time we publish a new book (don’t worry, we only publish one book every month:).

Are you as excited about the Tour as we are? Next stop: Tuesday, March 19th with SOMArt’s Feast of Words and a special culinary guest! We’re accepting submissions through the end of February 27th. More details coming very soon.

Pirate Lightning panorama

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